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Artist Description

Asma is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa where she majored in Communications and completed a minor in World Cinema. She is currently the social media manager of the Digi60 Film Festival and works as a public servant with the Government of Canada.

Over the past few years, Asma has offered freelance video services to different organizations throughout the city of Ottawa, but only decided to pursue filmmaking after completing her University studies and developing a true love for cinema. In typical millennial fashion, she has an array of interests that culminate at an intersection of social ethics and filmmaking - and horror films (the more demonic activity, the better).

Asma has spent her first year out of school passionately studying and writing about film in a more personal and subjective manner, dissecting narratives, identity, and visual communication. She hopes to apply what she’s learned in her own upcoming features, and help make filmmaking an accessible art form for marginalized youth. 

Later this year, Asma will be pursuing her Master's in Moving Images at Konkuk University in South Korea, after receiving a scholarship from the Korean government's National Institute of International Education.

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Asma at the The 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, May 2019

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